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Our team is dedicated to the care of all of our patients. We work closely with you throughout treatment to make sure your needs are taken care of and you feel the best you can feel. Our philosophy is to start with the mental blocks that keep you from reaching your ideal state of mind and to tear them down both group therapy and individual therapy. Other options are also available if more traditional methods do not inspire expression from patients.
We are highly trained in aiding individuals that want to become clean and free themselves of morphine addiction. Our center is secluded and quiet so that you can get better in a peaceful environment. Do not live with your addiction and keep trying to quit without help – we are here for anything you may need. We provide patients with detoxification upon arrival if they are anticipated to experience withdrawal symptoms. We also give patients a full physical to make sure they are not suffering from any fatal health conditions.
The treatment we give patients is designed to increase the level of their health and make rehabilitation more comfortable and productive. Our team truly cares about you, so we keep you in mind throughout your treatment and can make adjustments when they are necessary. You may think of rehabilitation as a boring black and white movie, but it is actually a vibrant painting with vibrant hues.
You can also think of this as your life while on morphine – black and white. We will bring the color back into your life and get you on the track to supreme health and well-being. You can trust the Center for Combating Morphine Abuse in Vancouver, Washington to give you whatever you need to leave morphine addiction behind and never look back.







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