What Is Morphine Really Used For?

What Is Morphine Really Used For?

Morphine is one of the most commonly known pain relievers out there today. That is because it is known for its effectiveness in treating pain. It also well-known for being widely abused throughout the United States.

Morphine is derived from opium which is found in the poppy seed but don’t worry, you can still enjoy your poppy seed bagels. It needs to be extracted and purified to be used potently, and it takes more than the seeds on your bagel. It needs to be extracted and purified to be used potently and it takes more than the seeds on your bagel.

What Is Morphine Used For

Morphine is an opioid, which is a type of medication. Opioids are synthetic medicines that are usually created to treat a variety of issues. Morphine itself is mostly meant to treat pain, and that includes many different types of pain.

The medical uses of morphine are far and wide. Some examples include:

  • Pain relief from heart attacks
  • Relieving acute pain before and after surgery
  • Car accident victims
  • Used as a cough suppressant for adults, though it cannot be used as a cough suppressant for kids because that is dangerous
  • Used to address rheumatic pain in extremities like hands and feet
  • Used to sedate patients with an epidural injection or a spinal injection

Morphine Uses And Side Effects

Like any drug morphine can cause certain side effects. The goal, of course, is to use morphine in treatment if the benefits outweigh the risks of such side effects.

Some common side effects of morphine use include:

  • abnormal movement of muscles in the abdomen
  • constricted pupils
  • dry mouth
  • gastrointestinal effects include nausea, vomiting, cramps, and constipation
  • hallucination, delirium, and dizziness
  • heavy sedation, which is the reason why morphine is not prescribed to patients operating heavy machinery
  • physical dependence
  • potential transmission of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B and C among those injecting morphine
  • psychological urges, cravings, and addiction
  • respiratory depression in higher doses of morphine
  • skin changes, such as flushing, allergies, and warmth
  • tolerance developed in the system

Illegal Abuse Of Morphine

Morphine is a drug which means it can alter how your brain functions. This also means you can become more likely to become addicted to morphine as you use it. A feeling of euphoria is given when morphine is used which can be an addictive high to achieve.

People often do become addicted to morphine because of this. Using morphine outside of a prescription is severely illegal. Addiction means that a person doesn’t care about the consequences of using a drug and compulsively needs to use it.

Morphine is easily addictive for many people and is what can help cause addiction to other substances that are easier to get. These can include substances like other pills or even heroin.