Morphine Abuse Signs & Side Effects

side effects

Morphine is a widely popular and available drug used to manage chronic and severe pain across the United States. It is naturally occurring, grown in the seed of poppy plants, and has been causing issues in the nation for decades. Morphine is highly addictive due to the nature of its effects and how strong withdrawal symptoms are.

It is best to avoid exposure to morphine, but sometimes it cannot be helped – such as if you have a severe injury or face chronic debilitating pain on a daily basis. When individuals abuse it, it becomes even more dangerous with the chance of overdose skyrocketing to new heights.

Immediate Effects of Morphine

Morphine can be taken in several ways, but one common way that people who abuse morphine get the desired effect is by injecting it into a vein. This increases the potency of the drug, as the chemicals are released all at once into the body. Some of the immediate effects of morphine are:

–    Dizziness

–    Drowsiness

–    Euphoria

–    Nausea

–    Apathetic mood

–    Itching, burning, or tingling of the skin

–    Respiratory depression

–    Difficulty concentrating

–    Chest pain and discomfort

Morphine Abuse Signs

Your loved one may be struggling with morphine addiction, but how can you be sure? Some of the signs of morphine abuse include:

–    Anxiety

–    Paranoia

–    Depression

–    Dramatic mood swings

–    Changes in behavior

–    Missing work or school to do drugs

–    Aggression, especially when asked about the substance

–    Overdosing on the substance

–    Behaving secretively

Users can also have problems concentrating and may not care for their personal hygiene. You may also notice increased visits to the doctor, even intentionally harming themselves to get a prescription. Needle marks across the skin are also an indicator of morphine addiction, along with stealing in order to support the habit. If you notice your loved one withdrawing from family and friends and preferring to spend time with a new crowd, you may want to seek professional help.

How Morphine Affects the Body

Tolerance to morphine develops quickly, leading substance abusers to use it more often throughout their addiction to achieve the same effects. It also leads to strong withdrawal symptoms when the drug is suddenly stopped, causing many substance abusers to turn back to the drug after they have decided to quit. Morphine has even more harmful effects on the body than the ones previously mentioned.

–    Morphine use can cause severe constipation due to a lack of proper nutrition while the addiction is ongoing.

–    A loss of appetite can cause sudden weight loss.

–    Sleep apnea can develop.

–    Respiratory issues can develop due to morphine’s effect on the respiratory system.

–    Problems with circulation in the body can occur, causing feelings of numbness or tingling in body parts.

–    Low blood pressure.

–    Collapsed veins.

–    A weak immune system.

–    More frequent headaches.

Many things can happen when abusing morphine, so it is important to get help before these problems become long-lasting.